Sahabat Maya

Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Show to The World That You are Strong

Have you ever think what I'm supposed to do now? Is it the end of my world when everything turn upside down? How do I'll settle all my problem? Am I going to fail....again? All this while I think I do THE BEST in my life but why it ended up like THIS? Do you ever facing those problems?

Well, cheer up pals...It's not the end of your world. It is just a beginning. Allah want us to learn & improve ourselves in His special ways. Allah taught us syllabus in life that never came across our mind. He want us to ask from Him, Allah want us to be close, humble yet obey to what He order.

Hence, you must be strong to face all those tests from Our Lord. After all, we don't know the gift that He'll grant to us... Never let your feeling defeat you... Don't let anybody snatch your dreams...It's yours only. Fight for it & make it come true. My sifu said "don't let lizards around you rob your dreams" and "don't listen to little boy inside you who always whispered & steal your dreams so that you will never achieve success in your life"...Scary isn't it?

So, be resilient...prove to yourself that you can achieve glory in your life. Show to the world that you're strong.

You are rich and successful (^_^)