Sahabat Maya

Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

My Kitty Teddy - Happy Birthday

My Kitty Teddy who happened to be my beloved sister. Hah, what a sight...She already turn 13 this year. Today is her birthday 15th January 2013. Happy Birthday my lovely sweet sister.
My luvy duvy lil sis was going to secondary school yet it's a boarding school.
I praise to Allah that she'll be fine there...

She never apart from my parents and she is the most entertaining person in our house. She like to eat...a lot hahaha :-) and she will hibernate when it comes to early morning. My mom has to find her another sock when she missed out her pair of school socks.

What I like about her is she is drama queen... Stay in font of mirror while memorizing multiplication tables. Always be sweet talker when I'm sad...Oh God, I will be missing you my dear...I love  you Nur Adibah (^_^)