Sahabat Maya

Rabu, 13 Mac 2013

Toastmaster - A tale of unsung senorita

That's my assignment speech's title for Toastmaster Club. It's quite scary when I stand in front of so many people. Then, there's a butterfly flied inside my ears suddenly attacked my stomach. After that, my hand freeze cold and it was affected my legs. Both of them were shaking. I feel like I'll get fainted.

At the beginning of my speech, feeling a lit bit nervous. So, the voice projection is low. Then, I managed to create and memorized moments by moments that happened in my life then I started to tell it out loud.

Alhamdulillah, for my 1st speech I've got standing of applause from the audience.
Thanks to DTM Sue Ding and Area B1 Governor, Joyce Hue for giving me a lot of useful tips to be used for improvement.

Aja aja fighting...