Sahabat Maya

Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

A story of a Star

In the past, there was a very bright star. The lights are bright and radiant. He is a star in which pilots refer to navigate the ship on a voyage.

One day, he felt that he was not appreciated by the people ... He feels that people do not ignore its existence. Then, he decided to come down to earth and perform the other task as part time job.

He decided to become a singer ... with a voice-"ala-ala tak kuar sangat" he went to audition.
"Twinkle Twinkle little stars" he was singing, but people did not like his singing. Since so many people attend the audition, the stars had been late to go back into space.

When he came out, everyone looked confounded. Then the stars approach one old man. He asked "Why? Is there any problem?"

The old man said "North Star is not appear for two days. The ship can not dock because the do not know the direction. Seller can't supply goods to be sold because the stock does not arrive. The people is hunger because the foods are not available. We all pray that the north star to appear again ".

The star has been realized over the years of its existence appreciated although it was not shown.

Similarly, in our daily lives, although we have to do a small task. Let us assume it, doesn't matter even if we're a janitor, a clerk or an office cleaner ... Despite of all what we're doing, we are IMPORTANT!